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Why TeraGo?  

Business Telecommunications with an Edge

TeraGo Networks is structured to be fast and flexible in providing a full suite of data flow solutions that work together seamlessly, while being able to back those solutions through our wholly-owned national infrastructure. The perfect combination of telecommunications and IT; we provide the capability to efficiently address your data flow and management requirements. With over 13 years of providing business only access, data center and cloud services, we are the perfect partner to understand and deliver the solutions required to turn your data into real value.

Our offices – like our network – span across Canada to bring your company the services and solutions needed to achieve success. You’re the expert with regards to your business needs, which is why we consult with you to identify the solutions that are the right fit based upon your existing and future IT needs. Your data is one of your most significant assets – and impairment of your data and its movement can significantly impact your business. By providing an end-to-end solution all the way from your IT infrastructure in the office to your IT resources in the cloud, your company can reduce the operational and capital costs of managing your own equipment while significantly reducing the risk of data loss.

Our services include:

Cloud Computing and Storage: Migrating your IT network and infrastructure into the cloud allows your business to save on costs and simplify management by outsourcing your aging IT infrastructure. We offer both Compute and Storage Services, providing your business with the ability to create your own virtual data center.

Data Center: Offset your operational costs and maintain complete control over your equipment by housing it in one of TeraGo’s Canadian-based data center facilities. For businesses looking to expand their IT server infrastructure without breaking the bank, colocation is a more economical choice than building their own facility.

High Speed Internet/Data Access: The foundation of any business, a high-speed Internet/data service connects companies with their customers while providing the link needed to utilize a variety of applications and virtual services. Our fully symmetrical Internet delivers speeds from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps. All our access services come with redundancy and managed service options.


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