TeraGo Voice Services technology works seamlessly with all phone systems.

Communication is the lifeline of any business – from connecting with customers, to collaborating with employees. Utilizing the right voice solution allows your business to serve more customers more efficiently, by providing the capability to streamline and speed up workflows in a scalable fashion.

Our hosted PBX voice solution provides your business with a secure and reliable way to maximize your connection while obtaining the functionality you need.

Four Reasons to Choose TeraGo Voice Services:

Reduced Costs

Pay only for the lines you need. Eliminate branch hardware by centralizing voice trunks at one location.


Add lines whenever you want. You are not locked into static physical configurations.


SIP Trunking allows your business to increase the number of individual voice sessions on an as-needed basis, without requiring the installation of new hardware.


One supplier – one bill – for all your voice, internet and data needs.

Our Voice Services Include:

  • 911, 411 & 711 Services
  • Local call plans
  • Unlimited North America call plans
  • Directory listings
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Private network