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Company Facts *

Customer Locations 6,581
Network Coverage 46 Canadian Markets
Offices 8
Frequency Licenses 76 (24 and 38 GHz bands)

 * (as of May 8th, 2013)


Financial Facts

Exchange TSX
Symbol TGO
Initial Public Offering June 26, 2007
Outstanding Shares 11.3 Million
2006 Revenue $19.9 Million
2007 Revenue $25.1 Million
2008 Revenue $31 Million
2009 Revenue         $34.8 Million
2010 Revenue         $37.8 Million
2011 Revenue $44.9 Million
2012 Revenue         $49.2 Million


Major Market Launches

Calgary & Winnipeg 2001
Toronto 2003
Edmonton 2004
Montreal 2005
Vancouver 2007
Ottawa 2008
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Growth Strategy

The Company intends to leverage its strategic strengths to become a leading network service alternative and data centre service provider for business customers in Canada, enabling their businesses to connect to the world. Our growth strategy includes the following key components:

  • Increase penetration in our Existing Markets;
  • Expand and enhance our broadband network using wireline and wireless technologies;
  • Leverage our IP enabled network infrastructure to service new categories of customers;
  • Introduce and expand data centre services, including co-location and managed service offerings;
  • Continue to expand service offering to include value-added IP services, complementing our current broadband Internet access and data connectivity services starting with local voice access service; and
  • Pursue strategic initiatives including acquisitions on an opportunistic basis.



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