Disaster Recovery over Traditional Backup


This week’s blog post was written by Brent Whitfield is the CEO of DCG Technical Solutions Inc. The logic behind the inadequacies of traditional backup The fact is this: Traditional backup methods, today, are completely inadequate. Many business owners won’t even consider the backup methods of yesterday (such as tapes and disks) and are moving…

Outages are Expensive!


This week’s blog post was co-written by Cloud solutions experts, Anando Chatterjee and Ashish Patel. Outages are Expensive! Consider the recent IT outages that hit two major airline companies in the United States – Southwest Airlines & Delta Airlines. A failed networking device at Southwest’s operations centre rendered its computer systems offline for several hours…

Better Application Performance with a Hybrid Cloud Solution


Data Migration Untethered: Join the 90% of Businesses Experiencing Better Application Performance with a Hybrid Cloud Solution[1] With 80% of businesses making use of the cloud, and public cloud growth rates clocking in at 6 times the rate of IT spending[2], the cloud is fast becoming an integral strategic initiative for organizations worldwide. The benefits…

How to Tackle Shadow IT


Author: This week’s blog post was written by guest blogger, Adam Ferraresi. Adam a technology enthusiast, lives in Dallas, Texas, has a successful career in web development and is trusted writer of wefollowtech.com. When Adam’s not concocting some new interesting articles, he loves researching industry topics and reading up on the latest trends that impact businesses….

How Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service Can Stop Your Business from Losing $686,250 Per Hour

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Disruption Defined: Your One Must-Read for Cloud-Enabled Disaster Recovery Success Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is crucial to the success of every business that has IT as a part of the infrastructure. This is best illustrated by an Aberdeen study which found that an hour of downtime can cost a business upwards of $686,250[1]. The same…

Lower IT Spending and Increase End-User Happiness with Infrastructure as a Service


Lower IT Spending by 33% and Increase End-User Happiness by 32% With Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Managing your own IT infrastructure is beginning to become a burden, and for some organizations, an unbearable one. Many enterprises are faced with tasks that range from extending legacy assets in an attempt to gain more value out of data…

Enabling Your Business with the Right Data Centre

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With data volumes increasing exponentially with the use of smart systems, the Internet of Things, and other business intelligence gathering processes, there is a burgeoning need for enhanced business infrastructure that will protect and manage critical data. Colocation services have emerged to become a valuable component of many businesses’ network infrastructure. They offer a secure…


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Author: This week’s blog post was written by Bernard Chan, an expert on Cloud Solutions and Cloud Services Product Manager at TeraGo Networks. In today’s information-based economy, a company’s data is its most valuable asset. Whether it is the company’s own intellectual property or its customer’s personal information, there is significant competitive and reputational reasons…


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Author: This week’s blog post was written by Diana Small, TeraGo’s Voice Solutions Product Manager and vertical expert. For as long as I’ve been in the role of Product Manager, I’ve been asked by our Marketing team time after time, what differentiates our SIP, hosted PBX and UCaaS solutions from other solutions in the market?…


High Speed Internet Provider

Hybrid cloud is rapidly emerging in the business world with its ability to support enterprises in reducing costs, increasing returns and most importantly, keeping our vital data at our fingertips. So what’s keeping all businesses from completely migrating to the cloud? The fear of a loss of security. To simplify, cloud computing is an internet-based,…